Body Zorbing

Be a Zorbinaut !

This high-energy high-fun pastime is taking the world of dynamic sports by storm! Picture yourself enclosed in a large inflatable capsule and running around like a ball itself ! Imagine seeing your friends falling, bumping or rolling clumsily as they play football (soccer) while their upper body (from waist upwards) has been secured inside transparent bubble balls. Well, this isn’t a scene from a movie but reality, and it comes in the name of Body Zorbing.

The only moving parts are the legs, and trust us, they will do a lot of work to keep you balanced. Geared like this, the person, who is now referred to as a “zorbinaut”, can be rolled on the ground, used as a bowling ball, play soccer, or even wrestle another person. That’s what body zorbing is about! Energy, movement and above all, fun!

As a “Zorbinaut” you have no excuse not to have fun. In fact, this is your best chance to experience what it’s like to live life in your own protective bubble (which was pretty much derived from the original iflatable hamster ball). You can do whatever you want while being safe inside your bubble suit! You may choose to wrestle your friends in Bubble Ball Sumo, or play soccer in Zorbing Football. Maybe you love water and swimming. So how about taking your inflatable bubble ball in the water? (just like in Water Zorbing) Or simply try to “shake a leg” or dance in Disco Bubble Ball. There is bowling, where you roll on the ground aiming to knockoff some targets, bubble ball wrestling, track racing. There are endless ways to have fun and adventure! It is up to you to be as creative as you want while body zorbing!

The cool thing about being a zorbinaut it is that chances of you getting hurt are minimal. You have your own protection sphere covering you up, after all. The only danger is bouncing off into the outer space (of course not). Simply roll, slide, bump, or jump without a worry and enjoy life in a human bubble ball. If you are a group of friends, you should try Zorb Football and see which team can score more goals and still remain on its feet most of the time.

So don’t stay behind – check out this latest craze in town! Don’t just play ordinary games. And don’t hold back when it comes to this high-energy high-fun sport. Become a “Zorbinaut” and let your body be free. Take fun and excitement a notch higher, and try Body Zorbing today!